Back on cp

Yeah I have a new penguin name Dj Nick Dog
So Yeah Add Me On it!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey visit this site please! Also tell your friends to go to it.

Thats Warp360’s real life blog….

P.S This Post was created by Warp360

Clubpenguin August 09′ Catalog

The new catalog came out today! Go down there and check it out!
Cp Page 3

Cp page1

Cp Page2

New Aqua Color!

Aqua Color wins! You can buy this at the Gift Shop located in the town (if your not a noob you would know that)


Hey, Its my Dubvader234ID:7414. Im articy friend and he wanted me to blog about me on here!
soo here i am! if u ever want to contact me my youtube is Dubvader234 or talkfaster! well i think thats about all for now! ill catch ya later! ill add more stuff later on! bye!

New penguin. Catch me everywhere – Back Posting Soon

THis is the peng i go on
See yu there
and yeah ill start back postin sometime this month

Back On Here

Im on a new penguin since articy is banned
Look for me on 3 penguins -Kimrizi – Crazypengin8 – Samuel10000
Here’s a video